What Are the Different Types of Tuscan Wall Art?

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Tuscan wall art is primarily used to give interiors and exteriors the comfortable, rustic feel that can be found in many of the countryside homes and buildings of Tuscany, Italy. To bring about this effect, Tuscan wall art generally makes use of warm colors, murals, paintings, mirrors with wrought iron metal frames, wall scones and wall hangings. These items come in a wide range of varieties and prices, and can be purchased from both online and offline retailers.

Generally, most of the colors used in Tuscan wall art are in warm, earthy tones; greens, browns and yellows seem to be particularly prevalent. The colors may be applied flat or on textured plaster surfaces, or colored stones may be used to create a more natural feel. Murals, paintings and tapestries showing Italian landscapes and scenes from the Italian countryside are popular forms of Tuscan wall art, and can be expensive if original wall decor or framed art is involved. These art forms generally stand out better in places with large spaces and high ceilings, although they can also be put to good use in smaller areas.

Using wrought iron trimmings, designs and sculptures is another feature of Tuscan wall art. These can come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the requirement. It is usual for these decorative iron pieces to have intricate designs of grapes, vineyards and other typical Tuscan elements.


Many of these metal pieces may work as stand alone works of art. One example is creating an interesting visual effect by fitting dark metal designs on pale walls. Metal toppers are often used in Tuscan wall art to provide emphasis to particular wall sections as well as to enhance the look of doorways and windows. A wall section may be given a visual boost by arranging a series of decorative metal or ceramic plates on it.

The decorative metal designs may also serve a more functional purpose. For instance, grills can be used as partitions or barriers, iron mirrors to reflect more light into the room, and metal frames for hanging things. Wall sconces can be used purely for decorative effect, or to actually hold candles. Lighting scented candles in these sconces can do a lot for an interior ambiance.

It is a good idea to look at a different types of Tuscan wall art and compare prices before making a selection. Aside from the price factor, the different art pieces need to work together aesthetically. It is usually possible to find something suitable for every taste and budget.



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