How Do I Choose the Best Tuscan Wall Sconces?

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Several factors should be considered when choosing Tuscan wall sconces. Price, style, and design are a few of the key factors. Installation, size, and the amount of light they will provide should also be considered. Tuscan wall sconces can be purchased in specialty lighting stores, home improvement stores, and some department stores as well as online.

The style and design of Tuscan wall sconces set them apart from other sconces by incorporating natural elements into the design and structure. Wood, stone, and metal can all be used in crafting Tuscan-inspired lighting fixtures, with wrought iron being one of the most common metals used. Many times, the wrought iron is bent and twisted into decorative scrolls, giving the lighting fixtures character and appeal. Black, brown, rust, and bronze are some of the most common colors for the bases, while shades of beige, gold, and ivory are often used for the shades and bulb covers.

One of the things to think about when choosing any lighting fixture is whether it is purely decorative or also needs to be functional. When decorative wall sconces add lighting to a room that has other lighting sources, they are more decorative than functional. On the other hand, wall sconces that are the primary lighting in the room need to supply adequate light.


There are many designs and styles of Tuscan wall sconces available to choose from. Narrow down the vast selection by choosing whether you want an up-light or a down-light fixture, a single bulb or multiple bulbs, shades or cups to cover the light bulb, and if you want a fixture with decorative accents, like mirrors, crystals or stones. Once you have made some of these decisions, you can then browse for fixtures that incorporate the elements you prefer.

Visiting a store that sells lighting fixtures or browsing online is a good way to get an idea of what you are looking for. When choosing a style and color for the Tuscan wall sconces, keep in mind the room they will be used in, its decor and color scheme. Select fixtures that will best match and coordinate with the overall look of the room.

Wall sconces are usually sold with all of the required hardware and directions for installation. If the new sconces are replacing existing ones, you may easily be able to swap them. If, however, you are installing the sconces on a wall with no current lighting fixtures you will need to supply electricity to that location. Hiring a licensed electrician may be required to ensure proper installation of the sconces.



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