What Are the Different Types of Trade Show Promotion?

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There are many different types of trade show promotions that a company can employ when trying to attract new customers at a trade show. Giveaway items oftentimes include colorful knickknacks with the company's logo such as pens, lights, lanyards, and magnets or stickers. Larger promotions could also include sponsorship of the trade show or a particular event at the show, such as an opening night or closing night party. Having an inviting and interactive table display on the trade show floor is perhaps one of the most effective ways to engage in trade show promotion.

Handing out fun custom promotional items can be a to draw potential clients to a company's table and will hopefully keep them engaged long enough to learn more about the company's products and services. Items that can be purchased in bulk and easily personalized with a professional logo can include almost anything from fancy markers and pens to buttons and mouse pads. While these trade show promotion items might seem trivial, they actually serve to keep the company's brand at the forefront of the customer's mind. For example, when the customer uses the mouse pad that he or she received from the company at a trade show, the logo will carry on the brand's message beyond the actual event.


Trade show promotion is a great way for small to medium sized businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. Sponsoring a round table or a keynote address at a trade show will almost always get the company's name recognized by trade show attendees. These kind of shows put a lot of effort into thanking and mentioning their sponsors whenever possible. Due to this promotion, a business who invests the time and money to sponsor an event at a trade show will reap the benefit of being heard and seen more than a business which chooses not to seek this kind of promotion.

Although some companies might shy away from sponsoring trade show parties, publicity of this type can go a long way in marketing a new business. Trade show participants are more relaxed at parties. Due to the convivial atmosphere, they may also be more receptive to learning about a new business's products and services if the business is sponsoring the party.

Companies should strive to provide an interesting table display when engaging in trade show promotion. Interactive stations which utilize technology will attract curious participants. They will also stand out among the inevitable sea of tables with only papers and brochures to hand out to passersby.



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