What are the Different Types of Self-Help Treatment?

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A self-help treatment is a type of personal therapy that an individual uses to understand a problem, and take the steps necessary to fix it. This type of therapy is commonly associated with emotional or mental issues. People can choose a self-help treatment for many different reasons or conditions.

One of the most popular methods of seeking self-help treatment is through group therapy. These are usually free of charge, voluntary and comprised of people with similar problems. This is typically a type of mutual self-help that allows individuals to discuss problems with peers, find understanding and receive advice. Paid professionals are also sometimes employed to lead the groups and provide a more productive experience.

Substance abuse recovery can be aided through self-help treatment. People with drug or alcohol addictions often seek this type of assistance. It is believed that the psychological side of such addictions can be as difficult to overcome as the physical affects. Some addicts find it hard to eliminate their dependency on these substances and benefit from interaction with others. Many addiction counselors also recommended that recovering addicts practice self-discipline and focus on other things to keep their mind off their problem.

People suffering from excessive stress levels may also seek self-help treatment in order to relax and find peace of mind. Stress-reducing techniques include deep breathing, yoga and meditation. Different people have various ways of relaxing, but many of these methods involve engaging in activities that bring the person happiness.


Schizophrenia is a more serious medical condition for which self-help treatment is often used. This is a mental disorder that can have a variety of symptoms, such as hallucinations, paranoia, depression, and a general disillusionment with reality. A patient with schizophrenia may have abrupt negative reactions, like panic attacks, due to his disease, but many stress-reducing methods can help minimize them. Patients are often encouraged to spend as much time with people as possible, to keep busy with positive activities and to avoid stressful situations.

Many people turn to self-help books to give them advice on specific techniques they can use for different problems. Most of these books focus on assuring the reader that it is possible to bring the problem under control on his or her own. This literature can also supply people with additional information on the condition itself, direct them to therapy groups and let them know the other ways in which a self-help treatment can be useful.



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