How do I Choose the Best Self-Help for Women?

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To choose the best self-help for women, the first step is to evaluate your own situation and define the main or first problem that needs solving. For instance, if you don't have adequate money, shelter, and a job, you may have to get help in getting one of these before you can get the others. Permanent shelter isn't likely without money or a job, so you may want to start by phoning women's temporary shelters in your area. Local telephone books usually have extensive listings of community services. When looking for self-help for women, no matter what kind of help you need, it's important to look at all of the resources and options available to you before settling on a choice.

For self-help related to mental illness, take action right away to get help. The sooner you're able to be diagnosed and treated, the better. The earlier you get help, the better you can manage the problem and hopefully prevent the worst symptoms. People with mental illnesses can often live a normal life by managing and treating their illness. Self-help in the case of mental illness means recognizing your illness and its symptoms, and learning how you can manage them. It can also mean accepting when you cannot solve your own problems and need to look to professionals for assistance.


To choose the best self-help for women with a mental illness, look in the pages of your phone book. If you have difficulty finding a community mental health association, call a crisis line and they will be able to direct you. For example, if you need schizophrenia self-help, there may be group sessions or other programs run through your local community center. There may be groups and programs for women only, or they may be mixed. You can also check your local book stores and order books on your particular illness.

For self-help with problems with parenting your children, community parenting programs may be a good source of help. Parenting books written by experts in child psychology are another option for self-help for women. You also may want to join social groups with other parents in your situation. For example, many women feel stressed out trying to balance work and parenting. If you participate in some groups, you may find one that works well for you as a source of support and communication. When choosing the best self-help for women, it's important to be prepared to find a professional therapist if the problem becomes out of control.



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