What Are the Different Types of Philosophy Career Opportunities?

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Unlike many other college degrees, a degree in philosophy does not generally qualify the student for a particular trade or job. Instead, the degree gives the student various philosophy career opportunities in a wide range of fields, from law to education or even business. A savvy student can find philosophy career opportunities in countless fields, in fact, since the degree will give the student excellent communication skills, reasoning skills, and argumentative abilities that will be useful in countless professional settings. Additional degrees may be necessary to qualify the student for some jobs, however.

One of the most common philosophy career opportunities is law. A philosophy student will be prepared for the analytical and argumentative nature of law, though he or she will need to further his or her career by attending law school. The law profession requires a candidate to have exceptional communication skills as well as a keen eye for detail and analysis. Philosophy degrees focus primarily on these skills, which means a person holding such a degree will have the skills necessary to become a successful lawyer, paralegal, or even a judge in a court system.


Other philosophy career opportunities may exist in the journalism field, which is an ever-evolving industry that offers new opportunities every day. Writers and editors are necessary in the industry for a variety of media, from television to radio to the Internet. People with philosophy degrees may fit in well in an editorial capacity or as writers. Sometimes grant writing positions are available, as non-profit organizations and even some news agencies seek out funding for specific or general operations. Grant writing is a common career for people with backgrounds in philosophy, again because a clear communicator with an analytical mind will be necessary to write an effective grant.

Politics is a great arena for philosophy career opportunities. A graduate can start with an internship or entry-level position as a campaigner, office assistant, page, or other job within the field. That person can also consider running for office as a public servant, as such jobs require charisma and an ability to work through complex issues to a constructive end. The most appropriate public offices will depend on the candidate and his or her strengths and weaknesses, as well as his or her career goals and ambitions. Speech writers can also work within this realm, which is a fantastic career option for a person with a philosophy background.



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