What Are the Different Types of Communications Career Opportunities?

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Communications is an extremely broad field that encompasses verbal and written communication of all kinds. Due to this broadness, there exists an extremely wide range of communications career opportunities. Popular fields for those with a communications background include the media, entertainment, advertising and marketing, public relations, and business and technical writing. Communications career opportunities may also be found in less obvious fields, such as law, education, or business, although entry to these fields generally requires a specialized degree.

The media provides a number of communications career opportunities. Those with a background in communications and strong writing skills might consider a job as a print journalist for a newspaper or magazine or as a writer for an online publication or blog. Individuals who are more interested in the verbal aspects of communications may be better suited to working in television or radio broadcasting.

It is also possible to find communications career opportunities in the entertainment industry. An individual with a communications background who enjoys performing might try working as an actor. Those who are drawn to the entertainment industry but prefer to remain behind the scenes could consider working as staff writers for television shows or as film script editors.


Advertising and marketing can also be good choices for individuals with a flair for communications. These fields require employees to communicate efficiently and persuasively with both clients and the public. Potential communications career opportunities in these areas include such jobs as copy writing and client account management.

Some individuals with a background in communications pursue careers in public relations. The primary objective of this field is the strategic presentation of an organization or an individual to the media and the public. Public relations representatives may be employed by high-profile companies, celebrities, politicians, hospitals, and any other person or organization that might need assistance with self-presentation.

Business and technical writing is another area that presents numerous communications career opportunities, usually for those individuals who are particularly competent at written communication. It may be possible to work as a speechwriter for a large company’s executives, for instance. Other possible jobs in this area include writing grant proposals for nonprofit organizations or editing medical or legal documents.

Many people who have a talent for communications do not realize that they may be well-suited to jobs in the fields of law, education, and business. Yet each of these fields places an emphasis on effectively presenting information to others, whether a jury, a classroom of students, or a boardroom of employees, making those with a communications background a natural fit. It should be noted, however, that entry to these fields usually requires an advanced degree.



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