What Are the Different Types of Ostomy Products?

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An ostomy is a surgically-created opening between the body and the outside, usually between the intestines or bladder and the surface of the skin. The procedure is typically performed when organs are affected by injury or disease and no longer function on their own, or must be removed. Ostomy products are intended to assist the person who has had this procedure to deal with the results of the surgery. Common ostomy products include items for basic hygiene, pouches and covers. There are specialized products for various situations as well.

One category of ostomy products includes a variety of supplies to help a person who has had this procedure maintain cleanliness and comfort at the opening site. Such items include disposable wipes for disinfecting the area, skin care creams, and products to assist with removing adhesive residue. Powders and creams are also made that protect the stoma, the opening that leads into the body, from infection and discomfort. Related items such as tablets, drops and sprays for eliminating odor are also readily available.


Pouches are perhaps the most common type of ostomy product. The pouches are generally used to contain the discharge from the opening, which is either fecal matter from the intestines or urine from the bladder. They attach to the body with powerful adhesive pads that have a hole in the center so that the stoma remains uncovered. Pouches and pads have different sized openings to accommodate many different sizes of stomas. Some pouches also have special designs so that they can be used by those individuals who are particularly active in sports such as swimming, hiking or cycling.

There are a number of other ostomy products including clips and covers for pouches. The clips are used to hold the lower pouch opening securely closed when necessary, but also to allow it to be opened for emptying as needed. The covers provide privacy and an extra layer of security over the ostomy pouch.

Special undergarments that are worn over the ostomy are an important type of ostomy products. These undergarments have built-in support for the pouch and are purchased considering not only by the wearer’s size, but also the location of the pouch. Some undergarments have a traditional underwear look to them. Others are made to allow for intimacy and have sleek, form-fitting designs so they can be worn alone or used to minimize the appearance of the ostomy bag.



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