How Do I Choose the Best Ostomy Supplier?

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Choosing the best ostomy supplier can be simple, or it may be difficult, depending on your individual needs and the requirements of your situation. If you have an insurance provider or are using government aid for your healthcare, you may be limited in your selection. Your doctor should be able to give you a mail order catalog for products recommended by the hospital where your surgery was performed, or you can check online for the best prices. Aside from the cost, you may want to choose an ostomy supplier that carries a particular brand of products.

When you leave the hospital after having your operation, your caregivers should have shown you how the ostomy supplies are handled and how to care for your stoma. There is probably a certain brand or type of supplies the hospital will recommend, and they may give you information on ordering from specific suppliers. This may be done based on hospital preferences, or by what your insurance plan will cover. Unless there is a problem with the supplies used, you can typically stick with the same brand of stoma supplies.


If your doctor or nurse does not provide you with a catalog or information for a particular ostomy supplier, ask them for recommendations. You may also visit your local professional pharmacy of medical supply center. Find these by looking in the yellow pages under “medical supply” or “ostomy supplier.” Online retailers are another option when looking for an ostomy supplier. Type the same keywords into your search engine as you would for a yellow pages search. This should turn up various shops and online stores which sell ostomy supplies.

When browsing through various suppliers, check to make sure each one carries your specific supply needs. You should also ensure that they have the brand you want, if this is important to consider. Your insurance company may require you to shop at certain retailers or manufacturers, so you also need to make sure that all potential options accept your insurance provider for payment. If you aren’t using insurance or if you have a high deductible, consider looking for suppliers with the lowest possible prices.

Additionally, if you need specialty items, such as noise-free stoma bags to prevent crinkling while you’re at work or out of the house, then make sure the supplier carries these. There are various specialty supplies which can be added to make your life more easy and comfortable. Most brands carry variations of the same items, and as long as they are medical grade there isn’t generally much difference between them in terms of quality.



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