What Are the Different Types of Mechanical Designer Jobs?

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The number of different types of mechanical designer jobs are limited only by the number of companies or industries that produce products, parts, or mechanical processes for the commercial, industrial or consumer markets. Some of the more typical mechanical designer jobs are automotive, general manufacturing, and new product mechanical designers. Knowledge of traditional drafting, mechanical drawing, 3-D computer modeling, computer aided drafting (CAD), and the ability to read technical schematics and diagrams are critical skills for a mechanical designer. Educational requirements for this position differ depending on the employer but will likely require a bachelor's degree in some relevant area of engineering.

The automotive industry includes passenger, commercial, industrial, and farm vehicles, just to name a few. Within each of these areas, mechanical designers may work in even more specific areas like drive train development, fabrication of various body parts, or instrumentation and electronic systems. Some of the higher paid mechanical designers work on more complex automotive machinery, like engines and transmissions. Testing and analysis of various mechanical parts and systems may also be a part of this job.


Mechanical designer jobs in the general manufacturing industry include engineers who have been trained or have a great deal of experience in designing and creating mechanical assemblies. These assemblies include specific parts that are used in manufacturing assembly lines, parts fabricators, and any other machinery designed to manufacture products for a specific industry. Mechanical designers working in this area of manufacturing design gears, actuators, gearboxes, and related parts. They may also use their skills to improve upon existing manufacturing assemblies and systems.

Designing and developing new products are also a big part of the mechanical designer jobs field. When a business needs a new product, part, or mechanical system, they typically turn to a mechanical designer first. When a part or mechanical system fails on an aircraft, car, or even a spacecraft, a mechanical designer will be called upon to evaluate the current product or system as well as to develop a new and better product or system. Mechanical designers with a working knowledge in several different aspects of mechanical engineering are often be employed in these types of positions. Mechanical engineers who want to be on the cutting edge of design and development will likely do well in this part of the mechanical designer field.



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