What are the Different Types of Laundry Room Cabinetry?

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Many homeowners tend to forget about their laundry room when choosing furniture and d├ęcor, but having an organized laundry room can make some household chores more bearable. Laundry room cabinetry can be used to store detergent, stain removers, fabric softener, hampers, laundry baskets, and folded clothes. One of the easiest ways to provide a laundry room update is by adding standalone cabinets, which can be set on the floor or on a shelf. Those without much extra space in the room may prefer cabinets that attach to the wall above the washer and dryer. A more complex type of laundry room cabinetry features additional counter space, adding functionality and organization to the room.

One of the easiest types of laundry room cabinetry to add is the free standing kind, as it does not need to be installed. It is usually inexpensive and basic, with a couple of wooden doors that hide some adjustable shelves. This kind of cabinet is usually ideal for storing all the necessities for doing laundry, and the top of the cabinet typically also offers extra workspace. In fact, if the cabinet is set on the floor, the top can usually be used to fold clothes or work on small projects. If it is placed higher, such as on a shelf, the flat surface on top is typically ideal for decorations, such as plants, adding some style to the laundry room.


Not all laundry rooms have enough space for large cabinetry to be placed on the floor, which is why some homeowners prefer the kind that can be attached to the wall above the washer and dryer. This type of laundry room cabinetry ranges from small and simple to larger and full of shelves and drawers. While the top of the cabinet cannot be used as an extra workspace when it is up high, it can still be used as the perfect spot for decorations, or additional items that do not fit inside. This kind of cabinet does require some work to affix it to the wall properly, but the extra space it provides in a small laundry room is often worth the extra work.

Some laundry room cabinetry provides much more than just a few shelves and a small workspace, as there are types available that take up an entire wall, if there is space available. This kind provides enough counter area to comfortably fold clothes, and usually also features shelves large enough to store hampers and laundry baskets. There are usually even drawers to help organize small items. Those interested in having a particularly neat, sleek laundry room may be interested in this kind of cabinetry since it can hide most equipment, and smaller items that tend to litter most laundry rooms.



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