What Are the Different Types of Home Office Furnishings?

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The staple of all home office furnishings is the desk, which is a work surface on which one can write or perform computer work. Desks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions, and many desks feature slide-out keyboard trays, filing cabinets, shelves, drawers, and even bookcases. Office chairs are designed to work in conjunction with such desks, and ergonomic designs ensure the user is comfortable while sitting at the computer or writing for long periods of time. Home office furnishings can range from the aesthetic to the functional, with many furnishings combining both.

Many office chairs feature casters that allow the unit to roll in many directions, but this rolling does not work on deep pile carpets. To counteract this problem, home office furnishings have been designed to provide a flat surface on top of the carpet. Chair mats are usually made from thick plastic, though some are made from bamboo for an even more pleasing aesthetic. These mats are placed on the floor beneath the casters of the chair to provide uninhibited movement even on deep pile carpets.


Home office furnishings must also provide adequate lighting for the space. While overhead lights are sometimes sufficient, many offices are large enough that additional lights are necessary, or dark enough that the overhead lighting is simply not enough. Desk lamps sit on the desktop and are small enough to take up only a small amount of space. Some feature flexible necks that allow the user to move the light in various directions as needed. Floor lamps sit on the floor, and they are tall enough to throw light around the room. These are great for providing additional light as well as an aesthetic accent to a space.

Filing cabinets allow a user to organize files and minimize the risk of damage to important documents. The size of these home office furnishings can vary according to the user's needs; some cabinets can be five drawers tall and accommodate hundreds of files, while others can be only one or two drawers tall to accommodate fewer files. The look of these cabinets can vary significantly; some are inexpensive metal cabinets that are not the most attractive options, while others may be made of wood or feature wood paneling on the outside to improve the aesthetic. These home office furnishings will very often feature locks as well so a user can secure important files within. Some cabinets are even fireproof to protect documents in the event of a fire.



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