What Are the Different Home Office Decorating Ideas?

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Home office decorating ideas involve choosing the right paint colors, desks and shelving. For a home worker, painting the walls in bright, cheerful colors can spark enthusiasm and productivity, and adding a few interesting paintings, or small wall murals can inspire creativity. Since the desk is typically the focal point of a home office, the choice of the desk is important. It is important when considering home office decorating ideas to decide how big desks should be. If desks are too small, there won't be enough space to feel comfortable.

Other factors to think about when considering home office decorating ideas are plants. Working around plants can be revitalizing, and they can also help stave off fatigue and boredom, and plants are usually inexpensive. Fresh flowers are also effective in maintaining positive moods. When considering home office decorating ideas, people should consider how combining green plants and fresh flowers can enhance their space, making their work spaces at home enjoyable environments.

Small accessories such as pen and pencil holders, blotters, staplers, and paper weights can all add charm to the home office. In addition, displaying favorite photos in trendy frames and installing modern shelving units are also great home office decorating ideas. Decorative bulletin boards can also add to office landscapes, and can even be made at home by using inexpensive materials purchased from craft stores.


The desk chair should be stylish, yet ergonomically friendly. Spending too much time sitting in an uncomfortable chair can injure the neck and spine. This can cause the home worker to become unproductive and tired. Before outfitting a home office with a desk and chair, the consumer should test them out at the retailer first. While considering the type of furniture to place in the office is important, lighting needs also need to be considered. Some people work better with stark, bright lighting, while others prefer muted, low lighting.

Copy machines, faxes, and computers also need to be placed in home offices, and can either be neatly arranged on main desks, or housed in separate units. Depending upon available space, a laptop computer may be a better option than a desk top, and a wireless printer might work better than a larger printer. When space is limited, fax machines can double as a copy machines, freeing up space that would normally occupy bulky copiers.



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