What are the Different Types of DIY Home Projects?

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There are many DIY home projects that can save the homeowner money and allow for a personalized touch. DIY, which stands for “do it yourself," projects at home consist of a range of improvements, including caulking the shower, blocking drafts from under doors and adding stenciling to walls. Some cost very little money and take less than a day while others may cost quite a bit and take quite a few days.

Buying new furniture can be expensive and, for those tight on a budget, it may not be an option. Painting furniture is one of the DIY home projects that takes very little time but can make a big difference. Some pieces to consider painting are bookshelves, especially those that are built in, a kitchen table and chairs or a rocking chair. If possible, do it outside to avoid fumes and making a mess; otherwise, ventilate the home well and put down plenty of tarps.

If painting isn't an option, one of the DIY home projects that can transform walls is to add decals. They come in various sizes, from very small flowers to extra large trees. Adding one decal to a room can change the feel of a room. The cost of each decal typically depends on the size and elaborateness of the design.


Some DIY home projects take very little money and time, but can have a huge impact. An easy way to keep drafts out of the house is to create draft blockers to put in front of windows or at the base of doors. Before making the item, measure how long it needs to be. Use a durable material, such as linen, and create a tube or snake shape sewed shut at one end. Fill it with dried beans or sand, then sew up the other end.

Even those who don't have a green thumb can do easy DIY home projects in the garden. Put some mulch down, plant a tree or shrub and add some flowers along a path. A visit to a garden center and a few hours in the yard can make a big difference to the aesthetics of the house as well as the feelings it conjures up when you arrive home.

Caulking the shower and tub is a DIY home project that protects from water seepage and also makes the bathroom look a bit more aesthetically appealing. Clean the surfaces thoroughly, use a scraper to remove the old caulk, then clean it again. Apply the new caulking, move any excess, then go over it again and fill in any spaces. Remove the excess again and give it at least a day or two to dry before using the shower.

DIY projects may seem daunting, especially to those who don't have much experience, but starting out small can be advantageous. Even those on a very small budget can start making improvements. Making simple adjustments are not only money-savers but can also make the house seem much more stylish and welcoming.



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