What Are the Different Types of DIY Bathroom Projects?

Almost all aspects of bathroom design, construction, decoration, and repair can become DIY bathroom projects with enough research and skill. That said, most people are more comfortable with DIY bathroom projects that merely change the appearance of the room because working with plumbing can be complicated. Floors, tubs, fixtures, and walls can all be part of aesthetic changes to a bathroom. Some of these projects require more talent than others, but with a little ingenuity, almost anyone can do DIY bathroom projects successfully.

One of the most common types of DIY bathroom projects involves making minor changes to the decor of the room in order to make the bathroom appear very different. Changing paint colors, shower curtains, wall decorations, and other items can give the visual effect of an entirely new bathroom even if none of the fixtures, tiling, or other more permanent elements are changed. This can be a great project for people who desire the look of a new bathroom but do not have the budget or confidence to enact large-scale changes.


The next level of involvement in DIY bathroom projects also involves aesthetic changes, but may be more complicated in terms of skill needed. Replacing a bathtub, toilet, or sink can make a good DIY project but may require the work of more than one person. Retiling a bathroom is sometimes complicated but can usually be successful if a person is very careful and precise. It is usually best to start with simple tile projects, as complex designs can sometimes end up uneven. These projects do require some skill and technical knowledge, as well as a minor risk of failure, but instructions are often easy to follow.

Of course, many people regularly undertake DIY bathroom projects in the form of minor repairs. This may involve fixing a running toilet, leaky faucet, or even cracked tiles. These projects typically require no more than a basic understanding of how these fixtures work, as replacement of the parts is usually simple.

Overhauling a bathroom or making one from scratch is sometimes more difficult. Putting plumbing in walls is often a job best left to professionals, but if a person has experience with plumbing and is certain he or she can do the job correctly, it may be acceptable to turn the entire bathroom into a DIY project. When troubles arise, it is a very good idea to ask for help. Mistakes in a bathroom can be costly to repair, and the worst possible result of this type of project is having to pay another person to do it over again.



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