What are the Different Options for DIY Home Improvement?

Some of the different options for do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement include updating ceilings, flooring, and walls as well as making any needed repairs. Replacing or resurfacing kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a popular DIY option as well. Examples of large DIY home improvement projects include finishing a basement and remodeling all the rooms in a home. Smaller do-it-yourself improvement jobs for the home include painting the walls or renovating only one or two rooms.

Doing home repair or remodeling in small amounts at a time throughout the year is one do-it-yourself improvement option. Taking on a large, ongoing DIY home improvement project is an alternative that some homeowners prefer. Since kitchens and bathrooms are associated with the most return on home improvement investment in terms of appealing to future buyers, many people like to concentrate their efforts on those two rooms first. Other than needed plumbing repairs, some popular home improvement options for bathrooms and kitchens include an upgrade on floors, counter tops, light fixtures, storage capacity and cabinets.


If kitchen or bathroom cabinets are still solid and in good condition except for having a dated look, a popular DIY option to replacing them is to do resurfacing. Cabinet resurfacing in DIY home improvement may involve sanding down the cupboards before repainting or re-staining them and adding new door hardware. If the cabinets aren't in good shape or the homeowners prefer to replace them, the do-it-yourself job is much bigger because the old kitchen or bathroom cupboards must be ripped out first and new ones installed. Homeowners who choose to improve their kitchen and bathroom cabinets may also add matching storage units to the space.

Repairs to plumbing or tiles in bathrooms or kitchens as well as in other parts of the home are often weekend do-it-yourself projects. DIY home decorating projects, such as reupholstering a sofa, hanging new curtains or installing new light fixtures on ceilings, are other options for weekend updating. Painting also is another popular weekend option for DIY home improvement. The different DIY improvement options often increase depending on the age and condition of the home as well as the homeowners style preferences.

For homeowners who buy a house with an unfinished basement, finishing it is often a main DIY home improvement project. The exact improvements will depend on the specific basement, but adding flooring and ceiling tiles as well as a bathroom are common finishing touches. Some homeowners like to add an extra bedroom in the finished basement as well.



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