What Are the Different Types of Customer Relationship Management Techniques?

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There are many different types of customer relationship management techniques available for businesses to take advantage of. With the Internet becoming so popular at the turn of the 21st century, many companies have taken advantage of tending to customer relationships through social media platforms. Others have found it beneficial to understand cultural differences, which can help eliminate misunderstandings. Another popular technique is researching consumer experiences, and then taking what is learned and applying it in real-world situations. Understanding the various types of communication mediums used by consumers is another of the many customer relationship management techniques businesses can use.

Using social channels to improve and manage customer relationships is a very popular technique used by businesses. No matter what social channel consumers use — including blogs, reviews, and forums — a company that wants to be seen as responsive and attentive to customer service will need respond to the opinions that customers provide. By responding to their opinions, companies show consumers that they are appreciated and that their opinions matter.


Understanding cultural differences is also a beneficial customer relationship management technique. Through this understanding, many businesses may be able to take advantage of certain cultural norms that consumers are most familiar with. Businesses may learn, for example, that negotiation is an important part of the culture of a certain group of customers; when they are prepared to negotiate those clients, they can make them feel appreciated, which in return increases retention rates. Negotiation tactics are most often used between businesses and consumers in European and Latin cultures, making it necessary for businesses operating in these geographical locations to understand the importance of compromise methods.

Researching customer experiences is a very useful technique used by businesses to help increase profits. This research should include studying experiences that have occurred across a wide range of companies. A business can learn from superior customer experiences that other companies have provided, and then implement some of the strategies that were so effective. Through the research, businesses are also able to build a developmental continuum that assesses the maturation of other companies, which can then be used to boost customer relationship management.

One of the best customer relationship management techniques is providing consumers with multiple channels of communication. Most times, this will include the ability to contact the company both by telephone and Internet. Businesses should keep in mind that, no matter what channel is used, seamless communication should be sustained or consumers may become confused and giving them a bad customer service experience.



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