What Is Electronic Customer Relationship Management?

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One business strategy companies use to make regular contact with current clients is known as customer relationship management. This strategy helps to provide a positive relationship between a company and consumers. Electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) uses the Internet as the primary way to keep in touch with clients. Examples of electronic customer relationship management tasks include sending regular email marketing pieces to customers and responding instantly to web inquiries.

Customer relationship management is a series of business tasks, and there are several programs available that can make both traditional and electronic customer relationship management easier. Workers can use such electronic programs to get the most out of their electronic customer relationship management efforts. These tools can help workers determine how long it has been since a particular customer has been called or emailed, so the client is not bombarded with too much communication. Employees also can schedule reminders about when a client needs to be contacted again.

Electronic customer relationship management can involve something as simple as a business setting up an auto-responder that is sent out whenever a client makes a web inquiry. Auto-responders are emails that typically thank customers for an inquiry and provide a time frame for when a customer service representative will be in contact. A responder email helps clients to feel immediately acknowledged as soon as they ask a question.


Email marketing is another task that is considered a part of electronic customer relationship management. Regularly emailing current clients can bring in more revenue for a business. Clients may appreciate receiving upcoming business news or industry newsletters with relevant information. Salespeople also can benefit from email marketing via their up-selling efforts. When a current client receives an email about a new product and calls the company, a salesperson now has a warm lead to work with in trying to make a sale.

Good customer relationship management can lead to customer loyalty and an overall positive brand image for a company. Using the proper electronic customer relationship management tools can help sales and marketing professionals remember to send birthday cards to clients, invite clients to free webinars and be on time for meetings. Customers are likely to keep doing business with a company that is on top of things and always responds promptly to requests.



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