What Are the Different Types of Cosmetic Surgery Implants?

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There are many different types of cosmetic surgery implants that can be used to augment areas of the body. One of the most popular and well-known types of cosmetic surgery implants are breast implants. There are also several different facial implants available, including those for the cheeks, chin, and jaw. For those who would like to change the shape of their buttocks, there are even different types of cosmetic surgery implants that can work.

Breast implants are used to increase the size and change the shape of a man's or woman’s breasts; when these are used on men, the procedure is known as pectoral augmentation. The implants themselves are filled with either saline or silicone gel, depending on the preference of the patient and the recommendation of the doctor. They are inserted into a small incision in the skin and then filled to the desired size. The placement of these types of cosmetic surgery implants can change the shape and even lift the breast or pectoral area.

Many different types of facial cosmetic surgery implants are available to improve the overall aesthetics of a person’s face. Cheek implants come in several different shapes and sizes, and can be used to increase the prominence or to correct asymmetrical cheeks. They can also help to reverse the aging process by filling out the areas that naturally lose volume with time.


Chin implants are often used to correct facial deformities or to create a stronger looking face. These implants come in a variety of sizes, and are inserted through an incision inside the mouth, limiting scarring. They provide an alternative to other more extreme forms of facial cosmetic surgery to balance out more prominent features.

Jaw implants help to improve the overall symmetry and structure of the face. These cosmetic surgery implants are specially made for each patient from a mold taken by the surgeon. The implant is then cast in silicone rubber and inserted through the mouth. These are only used in patients who do not have any medical issues from a receded top or bottom jaw.

Many cosmetic surgery patients choose buttocks augmentation to improve the overall look of their lower half, and gluteal implants are popular among both men and women. The implants themselves are made from semi-solid silicone in an effort to mimic the natural feel and shape of the backside. They can be used to provide lift and more shape, or as a means of creating a larger, softer back end. Incisions are typically made in the crease of the buttocks, helping to ensure that there is minimal scarring.



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