What Are the Different Types of Cosmetic Surgery for the Chin?

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Cosmetic surgery for the chin, also known as mentoplasty, is designed to change the shape of the chin and jaw to enhance a person's appearance. There are three general types of chin surgery. A chin implant to make the chin larger and change its shape is one of the most common types of facial plastic surgery. A chin reduction is designed to minimize the chin and jaw as well as change the shape by removing bone. The third type of cosmetic surgery for the chin is a reduction of a double chin that usually only involves removing skin and fat from the chin area without altering the bone structure.

A weak chin, or a chin that lies behind the mouth without protruding naturally, is a common reason people get chin implants. A chin implantation changes the shape of the chin and helps it stick out further to give the face a more balanced appearance. It often looks as if people who have had chin implants may have also had their jaws reshaped. This is sometimes the case, but usually the implant itself affects how the rest of the jaw looks without additional cosmetic surgical procedures.


Implants are also sometimes used to minimize the look of a dimpled or cleft chin. A person who wants a permanent change in the size of the cleft can have small implants put in place to fill it out. Cleft chins can also be minimized without cosmetic surgery for the chin through the use of Botox® and other fillers that are injected into the area. The implants used for chin surgery are typically made from silicone or other synthetic products. To minimize scarring, the incision for the implant is usually either made inside the mouth or underneath the chin.

Chin reduction surgery typically starts with an incision under the chin as well. The surgeon then uses that access point to reshape the bone and remove fatty tissue, if necessary. Many people who have this type of cosmetic surgery for the chin also have their jawbone area reduced or reshaped at the same time, which might require other incision points.

Liposuction is one of the most common types of aesthetic surgery, and is the third general type of cosmetic surgery for the chin. Double chins are extra rolls of fat that hang behind the chin and under the jaw. Reshaping bone or adding implants typically is not a part of this type of surgery, though it can be in cases wherein more change is desired. Instead, the fat is removed with liposuction. Skin can be removed and tightened as well, to minimize sagging.



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