What Are the Different Types of Construction Trainee Jobs?

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Construction trainee jobs cover just about every type of job within the construction industry. A trainee will work with more experienced employees to learn specific skills and techniques necessary to be successful and safe while on the job site. Construction trainee jobs can range from unskilled laborer positions to more advanced engineering jobs; the qualifications one will need to obtain such positions can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the position. It is sometimes possible to get such trainee positions with little or no formal education, as well as little or no previous experience, though many positions will require the candidate to have earned at least a high school diploma.

Perhaps one of the most common construction trainee jobs is that of the equipment operator trainee. This person will learn how to operate one or multiple construction machines. A crane operator, for example, will be qualified to operate cranes only; construction trainee jobs may therefore focus on training new operators how to control various types of cranes. The traineeship, in this case, is likely to last several years, during which time the new operator will spend time in a classroom learning the basics about crane operation, as well as in the crane itself learning how to operate the machine properly under the guidance and supervision of a current operator.


More experienced construction personnel can take on training to enter management positions. Construction trainee jobs that focus on management training are generally awarded to people with significant experience or skill within the construction field. Training can last anywhere from several months to a year or more, and while no specific level of education may be necessary to get such positions, traineeships are more likely to be awarded to candidates with either significant previous management experience, or a college education in construction management.

Other construction trainee jobs can focus on just about any aspect of construction. Concrete workers, framers, welders, electricians, carpenters, finishers, drywall carpenters, and many more construction jobs will feature trainee positions to show new employees how to be successful in these areas. Some of these traineeships will require each trainee to pass certification exams that allow him or her to become licensed to work on construction sites legally; in other cases, the training might be less formal and will not require the trainee to take part in such licensing exams or in classroom training.



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