What Are the Different Types of Junior Trainee Jobs?

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Junior trainee jobs offer the opportunity to get one's foot in the door. Often referred to as entry level or internship positions, junior trainee jobs often include white collar work, such as bookkeeping. Information technology (IT) trainee jobs are created for those with computer knowledge. Trainee job placement not only pertains to office work, however. Junior trainee jobs may also include blue collar work, such as apprenticeship positions in construction.

College students often choose apprenticeship positions to gain experience. This is a good way for many to prepare for a career. Depending upon the career an individual chooses, there are many trainee positions to consider. A student interested in graphic design may seek web application development junior trainee jobs. This type of internship includes hands-on training in web design.

Those experienced in retail may find opportunities as a trainee in sales and marketing. This experience may prepare someone for a career as a sales consultant. Beginning at entry level, the sales associate will be able to gain hands-on experience in marketing, enabling him to broaden his field of knowledge and advance his career. Marketing junior trainee jobs may also involve attending seminars that teach methods for building a strong clientele.


Many people are skilled at public relations and enjoy providing excellent customer service. Junior trainee jobs in customer service may involve anything from retail sales to the medical profession. These trainee positions teach techniques for handling difficult situations, as well as communication skills.

The banking industry will often hire employees for junior trainee jobs. These positions are mostly created for people interested in becoming bank tellers or managers. Many banks offer financial services to customers, and a trainee position will involve learning the procedures. In many cases, the hired trainee begins work at a local bank branch, and advances to other branches within his district.

Those interested in styling hair and providing other salon services may work as trainee hairdressers. The newly hired trainee may work under the guidance of a licensed hairdresser to learn procedures and techniques of the trade. The trainee will usually be employed at a professional hair salon, where she may have full access to salon equipment and learn how the equipment operates.

Trainee jobs are often created for those involved in manual work. Blue collar workers seeking to learn a new trade may find trainee opportunities as a welding apprentice or machinist. Hands-on training as a welder or machinist will usually involve working under the supervision of a manager who does machine repair and fabrication work. Many trainees who begin at entry level often advance to machine shop manager.



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