What Are the Different Types of Computer Software for Small Business?

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There are many different types of computer software for small business. Small businesses that utilize computer software programs generally endure integration and efficiency benefits. One of the most advantageous aspects of utilizing computer software for small business is it allows a company to stay more organized by reducing the amount of paper that it uses. Software programs also allow a small business to enhance its communication abilities, which leads to greater productivity. Some of the most commonly used types of computer software for small business are payroll, point of sale (POS), and customer relationship management programs.

All small businesses must perform payroll tasks. Many times, a business will choose to outsource these tasks, but, if it does not, generally it will choose to utilize payroll software. This type of computer software for small business enables a company to perform payroll calculations in much less time than it takes to calculate them by hand. Payroll software is also very beneficial for businesses to use because it allows them to reduce payroll calculation errors, which can save them from having to pay penalties and fees for miscalculations. When a business makes use of this type of software, it also reaps the benefit of being able to easily access all of its payroll information.


A point of sale software program is commonly referred to as a POS system, and is widely available and very affordable. Companies that utilize this type of computer software for small business find they are able to streamline checkout processes, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction levels. The software also helps a business keep track of what products it sells by monitoring inventory levels. Once inventory levels become so low, many POS systems will automatically order more of the products that are almost sold out. Many companies enjoy using POS system software because it enables them to analyze daily sales trends, which allows them to identify daily staff needs.

When a company wants to extremely enhance its customer satisfaction levels, it should employ some type of customer relationship management software, which is also known as CRM software. CRM software helps a company to understand the requirements of its customers by identifying customers’ wants and needs. By understanding customers’ needs, a company is able to cross-sell its products, which helps in fueling profit levels. This type of computer software for small business assists a company in maintaining a good reputation, while, at the same time, retaining existing customers.



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Post 2

If you have a PDA a lot of the computer software for small businesses will have a version that you can use while you are on the go.

This can be a great option for those that are traveling a lot and need to be able to do their work anywhere. While it isn't always practical to whip your laptop out on the subway to go over payroll information, being able to do this on a smartphone is convenient and more practical.

Before you start buying computer software for your small business, see if you can get a portable version of it as well.

Post 1

For those starting a small business I think the best computer software to have on hand would be a word processing program, accounting software, a scheduling program, something that would handle spreadsheets and simple desktop publishing program.

For those who are looking into buying software, be aware that there are plenty of great free programs available online. These are a good option because not only do they save money, but also they are usually open-source, meaning that they are modifiable to your needs.

These kinds of free programs are often updated more often, and if there is something you need, the companies and individuals producing them are more willing to take feedback and implement it.

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