How Do I Keep up with Trends in Business Communication?

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Keeping up with trends in business communication is a continual process. It can be most effective to have a multifaceted system for learning about cultural and technological shifts. This can include consulting various forms of media, networking, and staying engaged with industry organizations.

Periodicals can be a rich source of information about trends in business communication. Reporting, product reviews, and cultural analysis of trends can be found in newspapers, magazines, and a wide array of sources online. Deciding upon a few useful publications and subscribing to and reading them regularly may be all that is necessary to keep up on key innovations and patterns of use.

Networking with professionals in the same and complementary industries can be an effective way to track trends in business communication. Information can be gathered through communication and observation. In conversation, it is possible to learn a wealth of information about what tools peers are using to communicate. This can be divulged over the course of a conversation or as the result of direct questioning. Observing the various tools peers use for communications, such as phones, computing devices, and other gadgets, and asking questions about these items can also be a way to track trends.


Occasionally companies will put on free events, such as training sessions, round tables, or lunches, in order to discuss new products or services. Depending on the company, these can sometimes provide an opportunity to learn about trends in business communication. There are also often many opportunities to attend online events such as webinars.

In order to keep up with trends in business communication on an organizational level, it may be necessary to delegate the task to a designated employee. This person may be tasked with making regular reports or simply checking in when a new innovation seems to be gathering strength. Often the best individual for this responsibility is somehow connected with company technology, such as an IT professional.

Trends in business communication can be both technical and cultural. For this reason, it is best to keep apprised of the way peers interact with business communication tools in addition to tracking and learning the features of new technology. This can be an important factor when deciding which innovations to adopt. While one company may embrace a certain technology, it might be ill-suited for another. Understanding the reasons for adoption can also help a company to determine if a new form of communication is truly useful or simply a fad that will quickly fade.



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