What are the Different Types of Children's Skin Care?

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It is important to consider children's skin care when kids are still young, to ensure that skin stays healthy and moisturized. There are cleansers, lotions, and sunscreens available for children, all of which should be used regularly. Of course, there are also natural and organic versions of children's skin care products, which many parents and caregivers feel more comfortable using.

When selecting cleansers for children's skin care, choose gentle versions that are designed for kids if possible. It is generally recommended that one choose fragrance-free versions. It may not always be necessary to select a cleanser designed specifically for children, but if one is using an adult cleanser on a child, be sure it is intended for sensitive skin. There are many shampoos available for kids as well, which are designed not to sting if the shampoo gets into a child's eyes.


When choosing a lotion for children's skin care, it is also important to select one designed for sensitive skin. It should be fragrance-free, oil-free, and hypoallergenic. This is particularly important if the child is prone to eczema or dry skin, which many children are. If a child has specific allergies, such as to soy products, there are many children's skin care products available that do not include specific items that could aggravate allergies. Keep in mind that just because a product is labeled as natural or organic does not necessarily mean that it is hypoallergenic or incapable of causing a skin reaction.

Finally, sunscreen is one of the most important types of children's skin care. Sunburns early in life increase the risk of skin damage and skin cancer later, so it is important to apply sunscreen every time a child is going outside, and to reapply it every few hours as needed throughout the day. There is also clothing available for kids that is specially designed to block the sun's rays. Remember to always check a child for ticks when he or she comes in from playing outside, particularly if he was in the woods.

Any specific questions about children's skin care should be directed to a pediatrician. In general, unless a child has extreme allergies or sensitivity, it is best to simply choose products that are designed for kids or for sensitive skin, and to use the products regularly. If any product appears to cause irritation, redness, or itching, immediately stop using the product and consult a doctor if the area does not quickly heal.



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There is a strong market for protective clothing here in the sub tropics.

If your child is fair with blue eyes, it's so important to spend the money and invest in sun-resistant clothing like shirts and hats, recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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If you consider that as buyers, whatever you purchase to put on your child's skin is absorbed directly into their bloodstream, why would you use anything other than organic skin care, including the more expensive but more important - sun block?

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