How do I Choose the Best Skin Care Cream?

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In order to choose the best skin care cream, you must first consider your skin's needs and your goals for your skin. There are literally thousands of kinds of skin care cream on the market, but probably only a dozen or so of those products are perfectly matched to your needs. The best things to remember when searching for the perfect skin care cream is that the most expensive product will not always do the best job and the best way to find the perfect product is to narrow down your options and then go through a process of trial and error.

One of the first considerations is how sensitive your skin is. If you are prone to breakouts, rashes, and sunburn, then you will need to use a gentle product that won't irritate your skin. Organic products that are made with no or very few chemicals might be right for you. Also, target products that are made with aloe and chamomile, both of which help to calm distressed skin.


The second consideration is the level of dryness of oiliness of your skin. If you have very dry skin, then you will need to use a thick cream that helps to nourish your skin and restore moisture. For those with dry skin, skin care cream made with olive oil, jojoba oil, or Vitamin E can be very useful. If your skin is oily, then you will need to use a lighter cream that will keep your skin moisturized while also helping to control the amount of oil that your skin produces. If you have oily skin, try using a skin care cream that is made with tea tree oil.

Some people have combination skin, meaning that they have dry patches and oily patches. There are creams formulated specifically for this kind of skin and are usually labeled "for combination skin." Others have skin that is neither especially dry or oily. Products labeled "for normal or balanced" skin are for these people who fall in the middle of the dry to oily spectrum.

In addition to addressing sensitivity and the level of oil within the skin, skin care cream can also help with a number of other skin conditions. Some creams, for example, are formulated specifically for people who are battling acne. Other creams are designed to help fight wrinkles or reduce the appearance of age spots. Skin care cream that is made with Vitamin C, for example, can often help to reduce the appearance of age spots, scars, or marks left on the face from blemishes.



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