What are the Different Types of Bronchitis Remedies?

Bronchitis essentially is the inflammation of the tubes that carry air to the lungs. It can affect almost anyone and might have symptoms that include dry, hacking coughs and a fever. There are many types of bronchitis remedies, from medicines that are prescribed by doctors to simple remedies such as drinking more fluids and using cough drops or cough suppressants.

The two common types of bronchitis are chronic and acute. Chronic bronchitis usually comes back repeatedly and can be caused by smoking. Acute bronchitis typically affects the person quickly, improves after two to three weeks, and is caused by a virus. Many people get acute bronchitis after an upper respiratory infection, cold or flu.

To help fight off fever, some people take over-the-counter medicines such as acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve their body aches and chest pain. The stronger medication that doctors prescribe to treat bronchitis can assist with the cause of the inflammation and irritation, but they sometimes do not immediately help with the symptoms. Fortunately, there are many bronchitis remedies that can be done at home.


Drinking fluids, especially those such as hot tea, soup or juice, and using cough drops or cough suppressants can help make coughing less painful. Many sufferers believe that gargling with warm saltwater is one of the best bronchitis remedies. The gargling can help to soothe inflammation as well as cut through some of the thick mucus. Avoiding factors that add to dehydration, such as the use of alcohol and cigarettes, also can be helpful. Using a home humidifier or breathing air from a hot shower can hydrate the mucus in the irritated airways, allowing it to be coughed out more easily.

Another bronchitis remedy that often is overlooked is simple rest. Sleeping can help give the body the energy it needs to fight off the infection and to heal. Many people try to keep up their regular routines and end up being sick for a longer period of time than if they had stayed home for one day and slept. Also, the virus that caused the bronchitis might be passed on to others in crowded locations, so staying home to rest can help keep the illness from spreading.

Even if using one of the many bronchitis remedies feels like it is working, a person still should pay careful attention to any symptoms. If medication has been prescribed to treat the bronchitis, one should always discuss the use of home remedies with the doctor so that he or she can make sure there are no adverse effects from the interaction of the drugs. If symptoms persist or worsen, the sufferer should call a doctor immediately.



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