How do I Choose the Best Home Remedies for a Cough?

Home remedies for a cough include the use of fluids, herbs and spices, honey, lozenges and over-the-counter cough medicine. Coughing is often a result of a cold, the flu, acid reflux, allergies or cigarette smoke. The best home remedies for a cough are those that are effective at treating the underlying causes, while at the same time relieving the coughing.

Drinking plenty of fluids is one of the best home remedies for a cough, regardless of the cause, because it can help to relieve both a dry cough and a mucus-forming cough. The fluids help loosen and eliminate the phlegm, and they moisturize the respiratory tract, which helps prevent irritation. Inhaling steam is another effective home remedy that moisturizes and clears the airways. The steam from water alone is effective, but adding herbs such as eucalyptus and mint to the water can provide even greater results because of the oils that they contain.


Herbal teas made from ginger, garlic, cloves and hyssopus are effective drinks to help ease the coughing. They also are effective at building up the immune system, which helps prevent future coughs caused by a cold or allergies. Garlic and ginger are especially helpful because they both have a warming effect on the body, which in turn can help keep the airways clear. To help neutralize the taste of the garlic and ginger, you can add honey, which is another one of the effective cough treatments available. You also can add honey to any type of tea or lemon water to help soothe your throat and to build up your immune system.

Other home remedies for a cough include the use of licorice, aloe, turmeric, chamomile or cayenne. A paste made from soaked and peeled almonds, honey and a small amount of butter is also helpful. Over-the-counter cough medicines, syrups and lozenges also can be effective. These cough cures generally are mildly medicated and thus are able to provide quick relief.

In addition to the home remedies for a cough, chronic coughs that are caused by an underlying condition are best treated by giving treatments for the condition itself. For example, coughs caused by acid reflux can be relieved by changing to a healthier diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoiding certain foods such as fast and fried foods, alcohol and any other substances that contribute to acid reflux also can aid in finding relief. Cigarette smoke is often a cause of a chronic cough, and this type of coughing can be reduced by avoiding the smoke. Other coughs that are caused by an allergic response to foreign particles such as chemicals, dust and pet dander can likewise be eliminated by avoiding their causes.



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