What are the Different Types of Back Ache Remedies?

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Back ache remedies may involve medications or physical therapy exercises. Other back ache remedies include heat applications and massage devices. Massage therapy performed by a professional therapist is another option. Supportive aids, such as lumbar cushions and ergonomic chairs may be considered types of back ache remedies, as these may help ease discomfort or pain due to improper positioning of the spine.

Back ache remedies that are considered to be natural may involve hydrotherapy or water therapy. This involves a warm stream of water with massaging action. Warm soaks in Epsom salt baths are another type of remedy. Warm water may help stimulate blood flow to affected areas and also provide soothing relief. Epsom salts have been a widely used remedy for sore muscles and muscle fatigue, and many back ache sufferers have relied upon this method for a very long time.

Yoga and Pilates are methods of exercise that can help posture and improve sore back muscles. While these forms of exercise have other known benefits, they also can be used as back ache remedies. Gentle stretches can be incorporated into a routine as part of treatment for back aches.


Anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers are other common types of back ache remedies on which many people rely to control daily pain. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) can help control pain that is due to swelling and chronic inflammation. Pain relievers, such as ibuprofen may help control inflammation as well as aches and pains.

Some patients suffering from back pain rely on back pain remedies that involve the ancient practice of acupuncture. This is done by inserting very small needles directly into pressure points, commonly done by a qualified professional. Many experts believe this method can relieve pressure on key points such as the spine that often leads to back aches and pain.

Back ache remedies that are often overlooked may be as simple as wearing the correct type of shoes. Pressure-relieving shoes can help some back ache sufferers by relieving pressure on the feet. In turn, this may help to correct bad posture.

For individuals who do heavy physical labor, wearing proper back support or a back brace may be a remedy for back pain and strain. Lifting heavy objects while not ensuring the back is properly supported often can lead to pulled muscles. This can cause severe back pain, which may be debilitating for some people. A supportive back belt or brace is designed to prevent back injuries or be used as a remedy to help ease discomfort of sore back muscles while doing physical work.



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