What Are the Different Types of Advertising Management Services?

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Advertising management services are any services that help businesses to reach customers and potential clients with messages that are effective and improve profitability. When professionals use advertising management services, they normally contact advertising firms that specialize in helping businesses to develop a campaign that might attract customers in new markets or help secure the loyalty of customers already attained. Some of the most common types of advertising management services are marketing, brand or image development, and media services.

When professionals hire advertising management services for marketing, it might be so they can learn about how to approach certain markets, locations, or demographics. For example, if a food retailer begins carrying organic foods, retail managers or executives might hire advertising management services for advice about how to market these products to organic food shoppers. In other cases, professionals might use these services to learn about the spending habits of consumers in a city where a retailer is branching out.

Image and brand are very important in advertising. Consumers often associate products with the persona of a company. For example, one company might benefit from having a homey or family oriented image, while another might benefit from a young, stylish, cutting edge image. Advertising management services can help businesses to create images and brands that help them become more appealing to targeted demographics. These services might include logo design, media advertisement ideas, and packaging design.


Media allows businesses to distribute their messages to the public. Whenever businesses create television, magazine, radio, or Internet ads, they enlist the help of advertising management services. Professionals who do this kind of work negotiate with media professionals to control when and where their advertisements reach listeners and viewers. For example, an advertising manager might decide that most potential clients listen to a particular radio station at a certain time each night. He or she might then communicate with radio ad representatives to secure a spot at a certain time.

How companies use advertising management services depends on factors such as budget. For example, a company with an in-house advertising department might contract a third party advertising firm to help manage a large marketing campaign. This allows full time advertising professionals to concentrate on other matters. A smaller business, on the other hand, might not have the necessary budget to keep an advertising or marketing department, so businesspeople in this context might contract an advertising agency whenever they wish to start a new campaign.



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