What Are the Different Sources of Eyebrow Help?

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Many people realize that their eyebrows can make a huge difference in their facial appearance. Well-groomed, well-shaped eyebrows can give a face structure and even make a person look younger than she actually is. One difficulty, however, is achieving a good eyebrow look on one's own. For those who have difficulty deciding on an eyebrow shape or keeping their eyebrows in good condition, eyebrow help is available. For many people, an aesthetician is their best source of eyebrow help, as he or she is trained in both hair removal and makeup artistry and can assist a client in shaping the eyebrows and learning the appropriate use of eyebrow cosmetics. Individuals who have significant eyebrow problems, such as very sparse eyebrows or none at all, may need the help of a cosmetic tattoo artist or even a plastic surgeon.


While some people are able to shape and groom their eyebrows at home, others find that they need eyebrow help from professionals. One problem is that it can be difficult to pluck or wax one's eyebrows so that the eyebrows actually match. Some individuals are also unable to select a brow design that best suits their facial shape. Fortunately, eyebrow help is frequently available in salons, at cosmetic counters, and from eyebrow specialists who operate in private practice. In many cases, the professionals who provide eyebrow help are aestheticians or cosmetologists, although laws in some jurisdictions may not require those who groom eyebrows professionally to hold any type of license or credential.

The eyebrow help provided in a salon or a cosmetic counter typically consists of a consultation in which the client and eyebrow specialist discuss an eyebrow design that is suitable for the client's face as well as a hair-removal method, which may consist of plucking, waxing, or threading. After the eyebrow has been groomed, the specialist may fill in any sparse patches with an eyebrow pencil or powder and may also set the eyebrow design with a clear or tinted eyebrow mascara.

In some situations, typical cosmetic eyebrow fixes are not enough to address serious eyebrow problems. For individuals who have no eyebrows or whose eyebrows are extremely sparse, options for creating the appearance of natural eyebrows includes cosmetic tattooing and an eyebrow transplant. Cosmetic tattoo artists are trained in providing permanent makeup services and can tattoo full eyebrows onto a person's face or use tattooing to fill in eyebrow gaps. Some plastic surgeons and dermatologists are also trained in eyebrow transplants, in which hair from a person's head is transplanted into the eyebrow area, creating natural-looking brows.



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