What Are the Best Tips for Arching Eyebrows?

The best tips for arching eyebrows include finding your face shape, following the structure of your face, not over plucking, and using tools to align your eyebrows. Arching eyebrows is something that many women do in order to create more definition. Shaped, groomed eyebrows also look more feminine. Not everyone is born with a natural arch in their eyebrows, but it is possible to create one using eyebrow tools such as tweezers, a pencil, an eyebrow brush, and small scissors.

The first step to arching eyebrows is to brush them upward using an eyebrow brush. This is helpful to see which hairs are too long. Long or unruly eyebrow hairs should be trimmed with a pair of nail scissors or other small scissors. There are also eyebrow trimmers on the market that will automatically cut long hairs to the right length.

Finding the natural eyebrow curve is the next step toward arching eyebrows. Some people have naturally high arches, while others have nearly flat eyebrows with low curves. One can use a pencil placed vertically beside each nostril to see if the eyebrows extend too far inward. Any hairs that extend past the pencil can be plucked with tweezers.


Next, one should lay the pencil across the face from the outer nostril to the outer edge of the eye. Any hairs that extend past the pencil tip can be removed with tweezers. This procedure should be performed on each eyebrow.

Finally, one can find the best location for the eyebrow arch by starting to tweeze the hairs right above the outer edge of each iris. This area should be highest point of the eyebrows. The outer hairs can also be thinned out to match the curve of the new arch. By tweezing this area, one draws attention to the eyes and adds more sophistication to the face. If one has very thick eyebrows, a dab of eyebrow gel can help tame any stray hairs.

Shaving or using depilatory creams on the eyebrows is not recommended for safety reasons. Using sharp tweezers generally is the easiest method if one does not have many eyebrow hairs to remove. On thick eyebrows, waxing typically is preferable and faster.

Many women go to professional salons to have cosmetologists shape their eyebrows. Hot wax is normally used in salons, though eyebrow threading or tweezing also is common. Once the shape of the eyebrows is established, one can maintain the look by tweezing or waxing regularly.



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