What are the Different Science Research Jobs?

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The field of science is an interesting and complex area requiring excellent research skills and logical thinking. People who enjoy working in the science field and finding answers to solutions usually seek out science research jobs. There are science research jobs available in all areas of science and researchers work with other scientists and staff performing a variety of tasks.

One of the many science research jobs is that of a biological researcher who conducts research on cells from living organisms including humans, plants, infectious bacteria and viral strains. The main purpose of the biological science researcher is to research and develop ideas that will help in a variety of fields, such as health conditions, agriculture, medicine and infectious diseases. Some biological researchers focus on environmental problems and research how to eliminate pollution and clean the air. These researchers usually work in laboratories for public organizations or as independent consultants for large corporations.


Another one of the science research jobs is a cancer researcher who looks for scientific ways to prevent, treat, and ultimately cure cancer. These science researchers perform a variety of research including studying breast cancer survivors, analyzing the effects of carcinogens, and creating new cancer screenings. Some scientists conduct tests to determine the genetic makeup of cancer cells, which is important because the outcome could possibly tell why one person is more likely to develop cancer than someone else and prevent it from occurring. Another area of study that cancer researchers investigate is immunotherapy, which studies the body’s ability to fight cancer.

A pharmaceutical researcher performs clinical trials and researches new drugs for a specific symptom or medical condition. Often, these clinical trials are with a group of voluntary subjects who suffer from the condition or symptom the drug manufacturer is hoping to cure. The pharmaceutical researcher usually gets information before the trial starts and then compares the results after the specified time that the person has been taking the drug. The job of the scientific researcher is to compare and study the results, performing any extra experiments needed to determine if the product will work and what side effects if any it would cause. The results of the clinical trials and the pharmaceutical researcher, if positive, will help the drug company to try to get the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the drug for use by patients.

Individuals who wish to work in one of these science research jobs or other research position should have a four-year degree in chemistry, biology, math or science as well as an advanced scientific degree with an emphasis on research. Companies and organizations that hire researchers also prefer someone to have experience with laboratory equipment and technology. Individuals should also be able to keep up with the advances of modern scientific methods, keep track of large amounts of data, and write reports.



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