How do I Choose the Best Food Science Jobs?

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When considering a career in food science, one of the most important steps to selecting the best jobs for yourself is to first consider what aspects of food technology and food science most appeal to you. Secondly, you should research various different food science jobs, seeking detailed information from professional bodies such as the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) in the United States or the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) in Europe. Then make a shortlist of possible jobs and see which of these match most closely your own personal attributes, skills and preferences.

Food science jobs come in a very wide variety. Many people in the field have a background or interest in biochemistry, human biology, chemical engineering, or microbiology. All of these specialties are much in demand for rewarding careers in food science.

When considering specific food science jobs, be sure to think about your long-term career goals, and what aspects of the job you will enjoy the most on a day-to-day basis. As a food scientist, careers can lead to management positions, with job titles such as Product Development Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, or Laboratory Manager. As these titles of food scientist jobs suggest, an important part of the responsibility of the holders of these positions includes management of projects or people. You should consider the career progression options in the job you choose, and whether you will enjoy this aspect of the work.


If you think you will find more enjoyment in the scientific detail of your work, then you might be interested in a career in food science that emphasizes the utilization and development of your scientific skills. These types of food science jobs tend to be research and development-based. Your working environment would typically be a laboratory, although at advanced career levels you would likely be expected to deliver research reports and even present these to your colleagues.

If you enjoy interacting with many people during your day, you might be better suited to public facing work. There is a large demand for staff in this area. Some food science jobs in this arena include food safety inspection, food product consulting, and public health education.

Working in the food science industry can be extremely interesting and satisfying. If you commit to a career in food science, you are likely to always have plenty of job options, thanks to the massive food industry that exists in most countries of the world. There are also a large variety of jobs and careers available, depending on your interests.



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