What are the Different Restaurant Supervisor Jobs?

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There are a number of promising restaurant supervisor jobs available to workers who wish to pursue a career within the culinary arts, and in many locations, these positions can be obtained by entry-level staff members that show strong organizational skills. In smaller eateries, there may only be a few shift supervisors who answer to a general manager, but larger franchises normally have hundreds of restaurant supervisor jobs available at both the local and regional levels. Other types of dining establishments will employ kitchen managers, hostess trainees, lead cooks and several other types of restaurant supervisor jobs to oversee the daily operation.

Perhaps the most common type of restaurant supervisor job is the store manager, which would be the employee that oversees everything from the quality of the food to the scheduling and inventory. This staff member normally has several workers directly below him that are considered shift supervisors, and his main responsibility would be to guide the other employees. Restaurants also sometimes have a clerical employee that serves as a supervisor; he would conduct tasks like verifying paperwork, scheduling food deliveries, and completing payroll. Regardless of the actual title, each of these restaurant supervisor jobs plays a large part in the overall success of the company.


Franchises normally have several additional restaurant supervisor jobs available. Some of them would serve at training centers in order to prepare new owners and managers to run their stores effectively, while others would be involved in some type of corporate role to help maximize the franchise's profits. There are restaurant supervisor jobs that oversee the supply of food to each of the retail locations, ones who search for expansion areas within certain territories, and even supervisors who oversee the entire corporation. Each of these positions is designed to find ways to lower the overall franchise costs while increasing the customer appeal and overall profit, and skilled managers are always in demand.

The amount of training required for each of these restaurant supervisor jobs can vary greatly depending on the employer, but many of these types of companies will normally try to promote from within whenever possible. Corporate positions may require some level of additional schooling in either business administration or the culinary arts, plus there are various safety and regulatory certifications required in some areas. There are thousands of business leaders worldwide who began their career within that company at a lower level, so those with an aptitude for business are often given numerous opportunities to succeed within the restaurant industry.



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