What are the Different Operations Manager Jobs?

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In the service and manufacturing industries, there are a wide range of different operations manager jobs essential to the organization. Staffing, budgeting, and problem solving are the primary tasks required. This position is typically held by someone with either a business diploma or degree, or extensive work experience in the field or industry.

Appropriate staffing to meet business requirements, while adjusting for peak and down times, is one of the most important of all the different operation manager jobs. Typically, payroll costs are between 60 and 70 percent of all operation budgets. Filling vacant positions, managing employees, and disciplinary actions are all part of the operation manager's responsibility. The ability to retain quality staff, which reduces training costs, results in increased productivity.

Many operation managers are promoted from production supervisors or floor managers to this position. This career progression encourages other employees to provide their best performance to the firm, while maintaining valuable organizational history and memory. A solid understanding of current business processes, weaknesses, and strengths makes all the different operation manager jobs easier to complete.


Managing a department budget is a daunting task for many operations managers, and most can benefit from a short course or certificate in financial accounting or business management accounting. Errors in budgeting can result in overspending, cash flow issues, or missed opportunities. Review the actual financial statements from prior years to get a sense of the level of activity, peaks and valleys, in sales.

Problem solving is one of the most important of all the different operations manager jobs. Daily operations problems may include issues with parts, deliveries, shipments, machinery, and design. The ability to quickly identify the root cause and address it is essential in this role. Floor supervisors and other staff will escalate problems that need management attention to the operations manager.

In a small business, one of the operations manager jobs may include resolving customer issues or complaints. These items may be related to the product or service the company provides. Interpersonal and communication skills to resolve these challenges should be developed either through experience or by completing a short course in customer service from a community college.

The promotional opportunities available depend on the size of the company and the industry. Many large firms have policies regarding promotion from within. Candidates who are able to successfully manage all the different operations manager jobs may be suitable for positions as plant or district manager. Additional education or training provided by the company should be completed as part of the transition plan when moving to the next level of management.



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