What Are the Different Methods of Chest Hair Removal?

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There are several chest hair removal options available, including the use of wax or sugar, hair removal products, electrolysis, and laser treatments. These methods vary in cost, and some methods keep the chest hair free for longer periods of time than others. People can visit spas and salons for topical removal applications or dermatology clinics for laser treatments and electrolysis. In some cases, chest hair removal can be performed at home, though it is common to need assistance for these procedures. There is currently a rising trend among men to present a neater appearance in regards to body hair, and it is not uncommon for men to request eye brow, back, and groin hair removal as well.

Wax and sugar products are often used to help men eliminate chest hair effectively and with little risk of ingrown hairs. Both hot and cold applications of these products are available, though most experts in the field suggest that hot applications are more effective. The heated product is thinly applied to the desired area, and strips of material are placed on top. In a salon setting, the technician quickly pulls the material away from the skin, removing most of the wax or sugar and the unwanted hair. Wax and sugar hair removal products are available for home use as well.


Cream hair removal products are also very popular. These products are meant to be left on the skin for a specified length of time according to package directions. This type of chest hair removal product is either rinsed away with water or wiped away with a clean, damp cloth. The chemicals in the hair removal product dissolve the hair to the surface of the skin for a smooth finish. Cream and lotion hair removal products aren't for everyone, as they can cause some skin irritation.

The most effective and long lasting types of chest hair removal are electrolysis and laser treatments. These treatments are usually done by a qualified dermatologist. In order to be effective it may be necessary to schedule several sessions, especially for people with excessive chest hair. Electrolysis is the process of removing hair by using a needle to send a small electrical charge to the hair follicle site and permanently destroy the hair and root. Laser treatments are different in that it utilizes laser light to access the hair and follicle, and it is not recommended for people with a tan or dark pigmentation because it affects the pigment of the skin as well.



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