What are the Different HR Officer Jobs?

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In a human resources office, there are many different HR officer jobs that are essential to the smooth operation of the organization. A human resources (HR) officer role is central to every human resource task completed. In general, organizations with at least 25 employees with have a full-time human resources officer. Many larger firms will have several HR officers, as well as a human resources manager and assistant.

The different HR officer jobs can be grouped into four categories: job posting and classifications, reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews, providing support to staff, and staying current with human resources laws and guidelines. A human resources officer reports directly to the HR manager or department director. In some organizations, he or she is responsible for supervising the work of the human resources assistant.

When a vacancy or new position is created, a job posting must be created. This document contains a detailed list of the requirements of the position, including specific skill sets or academic credentials. For many firms, the salary range for the position is included in the job posting, as is the job classification or ranking. If there are any specific licenses or certificates that the candidates must have, it is included in the job posting.


One of the most important HR officer jobs is the management of the job applicant process. The first step in the process is to decide where to post the job to attract the right pool of applicants. This may include skill-specific publications or using recruiting firms. The job description must be short, concise, and provide enough information to interest the right type of candidate.

When the resumes are received, one of the HR officer jobs is to review the submissions and create a short list of suitable candidates to interview. The next step is to contact the applicants and schedule the interviews with the appropriate people. Many firms limit the number of interviews held each day, allowing sufficient time for each candidate. When the successful candidate is identified, the HR office is responsible for notifying all the unsuccessful candidates.

The other aspect of all HR officer jobs is to provide support to staff and supervisors. This includes answering questions, providing assistance with benefits or pension questions, and helping to resolve conflicts. Many HR officer jobs also include providing support to the managers and supervisors. This may include offering classes or guidance on human resources policy or laws.



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