What are the Different Green Tea Benefits?

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Green tea has been consumed in the East for thousands of years and has been enjoyed both for its variety of flavors as well as for its health benefits. In the last few decades green tea benefits have become well known in the West as well. One of the most well-known of all green tea benefits is that consumption of the tea can reduce one's risk of cancer. Scientific researchers have reported that a compound within green tea inhibits the growth of cancerous cells.

Other green tea benefits include improved cholesterol levels. In addition to helping to bring down cholesterol levels, it is also believed that green tea can help to improve the ratio between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. In addition to helping to fight cancer and regulate cholesterol levels, green tea is also believed to be a useful drink for dieters. This is because the tea is reported to help boost the metabolism and keep fats from oxidizing.

Another one of the green tea benefits has to do with dental health. It is believed that regularly drinking green tea can help to stop or prevent tooth decay. This is because the tea can kill bacteria in the mouth, which leads to dental plaque. Some people also believe that drinking green tea can help to reduce bad breath. As the tea kills bacteria that leads to tooth decay, it also can kill bacteria that creates bad breath.

Many people hail green tea first and foremost because it is a good source of antioxidants. Of all of the green tea benefits, this is one that is most commonly referenced. This is because the antioxidant properties of green tea can improve general wellness and also help to prevent myriad health problems.

In order to best enjoy green tea benefits, steep the tea according to the instructions on the packaging. Loose green tea or packaged green tea is acceptable as is matcha, which is a kind of powdered green tea from Japan that can be used to make instant tea much in the way that instant coffee is made. Once the tea has been properly steeped, it can be enjoyed hot or over ice. Some people like to sweeten their green tea while others enjoy the flavor of the tea with no added sweetness. For added health benefits, drink organic green tea.


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