What are the Different Driving Instructor Jobs?

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There are four different driving instructor jobs: private practice, working for an driving school, teaching driving instructors, and creating driving instruction materials. A driving instructor works with clients to teach them how to safely operate a motor vehicle. The types of vehicles range from a passenger car to a transport truck.

In order to qualify for driving instructor jobs, you will need a minimum high school diploma, a valid driver's license, and a government-issued instructor license. While the requirements vary by state, most locations have a licensing or certification process for driving school instructors. Clear oral communication skills and staying calm under pressure are both very important skills in this job.

A growing trend away from direct employment to independent contractor arrangements has resulted in the growth of private driving instructor businesses. A licensed instructor can set up his own business, providing instruction in his personal car, with minor modifications to include a passenger side brake. He or she is paid directly by clients and is able to deduct business expenses from taxes. Be sure to maintain business insurance for this type of driving instructor job.

The most common type of driving instructor jobs are still found by working directly for a driving school. The company provides all the equipment and administrative resources necessary to find new clients and maintain the appointment book. Driving schools can specialize in a specific type of vehicle or offer training for both passenger and commercial transportation.


Driving instructor professionals with many years of experience can find positions training new driving school instructors at the local community or career college. In order to become an instructor, many people complete a certificate program in adult education. Learning the most effective way to teach adults can be a huge help when making this career transition.

The growth of the Internet has greatly expanded the market for resources about how to drive. Building on the skills developed in other driving instructor jobs, he or she can develop Internet-based videos, books, and guides. These resources can supplement instruction or can be used to refresh skills.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in driving instructor jobs enjoy helping people, teaching, and working independently. This is a very service-oriented business, and the ability to teach while making the client happy is an important task. People who enjoy teaching have a great deal of enthusiasm for their subject, which is contagious and creates a perfect environment for learning.



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