What are the Different Courtesy Clerk Jobs?

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Courtesy clerk jobs involve helping customers or clients with a variety of issues. They may handle customer complaints and other needs to ensure that the customers are satisfied and the business can remain in good standing with its patrons. This can include both face to face contact and remote jobs by phone or computer.

One of the most common courtesy clerk jobs is that of the customer service representative. These workers operate over the phone or in person, and can handle a wide variety of tasks including complaints, returns and new orders. They also may be responsible for resolving issues involving tech support and product malfunction. Nearly all types of businesses hire some sort of customer service representative.

A more modern variation of the customer service representatives is that of the courtesy clerk jobs that can be operated from a computer. Many websites and strictly online companies and retailers now have help desks or live chats workers who answer customer inquiries right on the website. This is beneficial for businesses and consumers because instead of finding a number and dialing a customer can have their questions answered with little effort right away. This strategy also prevents consumers from moving on to another site should an issue arise.


Another of the most well-known courtesy clerk jobs is that of the hotel clerk. This person is responsible for checking hotel guests in and out of their rooms and answering phones to book reservations and answer customer questions. In some cases, they may also play an assistant manager role by directing other staff members like the cleaning crew and bell boys.

Other courtesy clerk jobs are sales professionals who are hired to both sell products to consumers and handle any questions or concerns. In this case, one person generally handles every customer service task that arises with his clients. Secretaries, greeters and front desk workers in settings like hospitals and offices are also courtesy clerk jobs. Others in this field work as trackers for packages and orders and help customers determine when their purchase should arrive or why it may have been held up.

The skills and educational requirements for most courtesy clerk jobs involve an ability to work with people in a professional and friendly manner, even when the customer is being rude. Some businesses may require specialized training, like in a doctor’s office. Others require only an upbeat attitude, a good work history, and some typing and phone skills. Applicants may be asked to take a brief test before being hired, which include a test to determine typing speed and working with the company’s computer system.



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