How do I Become a Courtesy Clerk?

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A courtesy clerk job description isn't glamorous, as it often includes cleaning the store bathroom and rounding up stray grocery carts in the rain. A main component of the duties of these clerks is bagging customer purchases, but if you show the hiring manager that you understand you'll also be cleaning and working outside, you're likely to have a good chance to become a courtesy clerk. You'll also probably have to be available to work at least some weekends and evening shifts.

Grade 12 graduation or equivalent is usually needed to become a courtesy clerk. Being physically fit is important since you're likely to be active throughout each shift. Courtesy clerks must work well under pressure as they may be called on to do many tasks seemingly all at once. For instance, the store manager could ask you to wrap flowers for one customer; a few seconds later a cashier could wave you over to bag groceries. You have to handle things calmly and be able to communicate effectively with co-workers, supervisors and customers.


If you want to become a courtesy clerk, explain to the store's hiring manager how you would handle high-pressure situations. The hiring manager may ask you interview questions such as how you've handled difficult problems or complaints in your past jobs. It's a good idea to try and anticipate questions you could be asked, so that you'll be better prepared for your interview. Communication skills are an extremely important quality to have if you want to become a courtesy clerk.

If you haven't had previous grocery bagging experience, you should learn the techniques. When you buy groceries, note how the baggers bag them. Proper grocery bagging is mostly common sense, such as not placing heavy items on top of fragile products that could break or get damaged. Placing only heavy items in a grocery bag could mean the groceries may fall out the bottom or be difficult for the customer to carry. If you want to become a courtesy clerk, you should be prepared to ask the customer questions when bagging groceries such as "Would you like a bag for your milk?" or "Would you like help out to your car?"

Each retail store has service policies for staff to follow. If you want to become a courtesy clerk, you must always be focused on providing the best customer experience possible. This may be difficult on days when you've just had to clean up after someone who got sick in the store's restroom. Sweeping, washing windows, setting up store displays and wiping down grocery carts are other duties that may be expected of you on the job. If you communicate to the hiring manager that you're reliable and are prepared for these sorts of job duties, then you're likely to get the chance to become a courtesy clerk.



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You do not want to be a courtesy clerk. the job sucks, you deal with irritated customers, weather sucks when pushing carts, etc. believe me i currently work as a CC. although i was promoted to checker.

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