What are the Different Construction Project Manager Jobs?

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There are many construction project manager jobs, ranging from specialized fields to overall project management. Managers can consist of general contractors, site coordinators, real estate developers, as well subcontractors who oversee individual aspects of a project. Each of these construction project manager jobs comes with its own level of responsibility and requires a certain level of skill.

Project manger jobs consist of the planning, overseeing and scheduling of any one of several construction related jobs. These tasks can include hiring workers and subcontractors, budgeting costs, working alongside architects and designers, and inspecting the finished product. The developer or contractor over a project generally acts as the project manager of the entire job, with subcontractors overseeing their own individual portions.

Subcontractors can also have project manager jobs. For instance, an electrical crew will install all wiring and lighting fixtures in a building. The head electrician or owner of the electrical company will oversee this aspect of the project. He may still be required to check in with the developer or head contractor, but for the most part he is in charge of all electrical components and employees.


Buyers or homeowners can also be project mangers, although they may not be getting paid for their work. When a person hires a contractor, he is in charge of making sure the company is doing the job correctly and efficiently. It is within his power to direct and guide certain aspects of the project since he is paying the contractor and subcontractors to perform it.

Contractors are not always hired by individuals, however, and often build homes and buildings on spec. Spec buildings are those that do not have a buyer lined up, but that will be sold upon completion. This is usually done using the contractor’s own money, which he uses in the hopes of making a profit upon completing a sale.

Construction project manager jobs are quite demanding, often requiring long hours and hard work. This requires that the person managing any construction project be highly competent, have extreme attention to detail and be comfortable managing others. It is his job to ensure that all workers are performing well and completing quality work.

In many cases, the contractor will hire a “second in command” supervisor to oversee the job on a daily basis. This is another type of project management job because the person hired takes on all responsibilities needed to direct and coordinate a construction project, while answering to the lead contractor. Supervisors generally work for a specific company and may oversee one or more projects at a time.

To begin working in one of these construction project manager jobs, several things must be obtained. First, whether a general contractor or specialized subcontractor, licensing is generally necessary. Supervisors may not need any special training or licensing, but several years of experience and a firm understanding of the construction process is typically required. In addition, some subcontractors, like electricians or plumbers, may require specialized training or schooling.



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