What does a Building Project Manager do?

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A building project manager supervises and organizes construction projects from start to finish. This professional is responsible for the safety, progress, and management of all aspects related to the construction job at hand. Keeping the project on schedule is a huge part of the job for the successful building project manager. Usually, this professional is required to have a bachelor's degree, but some managers who aspire to work in larger companies seek master's degrees or some other specialized training.

One part of this position is to manage personnel on site. When working on a construction project, many different people are needed, such as contract electricians, plumbers, and welders. The building project manager may be responsible for hiring or dismissing professionals from the project. He or she makes certain that the contractors are performing their duties according to the specific safety protocols as well. Contractors are also required to complete the work in a timely manner, which the construction project manager supervises.

An important factor of keeping the work on schedule is staying on top of all administrative duties. Almost always, licenses and permits must be secured before any construction work can begin. Inherent in the building project manager job description is the responsibility of obtaining all permits that may be necessary. There are also specific safety regulations with which any construction personnel must comply; the project manager keeps everyone up to date on the rules and regulations.


Sometimes, he or she also will be in charge of the accounting aspects of the project to make sure it does not go over budget. Organizing the project's budget and maintaining accurate records of all expenses will almost certainly be required. Billing and making sure the contractors are paid the promised amount is another part of the manager's job.

Most building project manager jobs offer a favorable salary. Nonetheless, the salary amount depends on many factors including geographical location and the size of the company offering the job. The education level of the potential employee usually is an important factor as well.

Oftentimes, having a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction science, or construction management is expected from the potential building project manager. Work experience as a project manager on a construction site is also highly valued. Some employees fulfill the education requirement with work experience and an associate's degree in construction. Others, such as those who seek to work in large, multinational construction companies, earn advanced degrees in finance, construction management or business.



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