What are the Different Computer Analyst Jobs?

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Computer analysts, also known as computer system analysts, work within a business or organization to integrate information technology into their computer and networking systems. However, the term computer analyst is really a blanket title which can cover a wide variety of roles and responsibilities, depending on the company. For that matter, many computer analyst jobs evolve as the needs of the company or organization change and as new technologies emerge. While the opportunity for career advancement is a benefit, rapid developments in the technology industry also make it necessary to consistently obtain continuing education in order to remain competitive.

Typically, most computer analyst jobs involve working with other individuals or teams that provide technology support services, such as programmers, software developers, and information specialists. In general, the usual range of tasks includes the development and installation of new computer systems, network maintenance, identifying and implementing new technologies, and beta testing various programs and systems before release. Some computer analyst jobs require knowledge of project planning and budgeting since the job often calls for an evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of a proposed project and its ROI, or return-on-investment, potential.


The workflow in many computer analyst jobs is organized in the same way. Once the cost-effectiveness of a new or modified system has been met with approval, the analyst then determines what types of software and equipment are required to run it. The project then proceeds to the design phase, in which the analyst coordinates with other specialists to test, debug, and fine-tune the system.

Many computer analyst jobs afford the opportunity for specialization. For instance, analysts who primarily focus on information technology research and development may be referred to as computer systems architects or developers. Those who are occupied with beta testing and solution finding tasks are sometimes called quality assurance analysts. Some computer analysts perform double duty by working in both the analysis side and the custom development of computer systems and related applications.

The majority of computer analyst jobs are found in larger companies that rely on information technology to conduct business, which usually creates the need to network different computers. Many companies also seek the assistance of computer analysts to establish e-commerce capability on the Internet. However, some computer analysts find work in educational institutions, research facilities, medical laboratories, and specialized libraries. If the analyst has relevant education and experience, they may also find work in specific industries, such as banking, hospital administration, or computer forensics. In addition, since there is a growing trend in this field to telecommute, some computer analysts prefer to offer their services as independent contractors.



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