How Do I Become a Network Systems Analyst?

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A person who wants to become a network systems analyst needs to be able to think through problems logically. Good skills in mathematics and communication are also required, since a person working in this capacity will be interacting with other computer specialists, managers and other employees. To prepare for this career choice, a Bachelor's degree in computer networks or programming is required. Training may be conducted on campus or online.

The work of a network systems analyst may involve designing or testing and evaluating a network for an employer or offering these types of services in a consulting capacity. Job duties may also include performing administrative tasks on the network, maintenance and security functions, or training other users on how to use it properly. The person who wants to become a network systems analyst will also monitor the equipment on the network to determine when it needs servicing or an upgrade.

Completing the requirements for a bachelor's degree in computer networks is a good way to qualify to become a network systems analyst. This program includes courses in English, technical writing, physics, and mathematics. Other required courses to complete a degree include problem solving in programming, network theory, operating systems and electric circuits.


Another approach on the road to become a network systems analyst is to study computer programming at the post-secondary level. Students who choose to major in this subject area take courses in systems analysis, computer applications, programming design and logic, and security. Computer languages, such as C++ and Javascript, are also covered in this program.

Not all people who decide to become a network systems analyst choose to study on campus. Online degree programs allow students to upgrade their education while working or caring for children or parents. This type of learning is not for everyone, since it requires dedication to stay focused on schoolwork without having a set class schedule. Some people find it easier to complete the coursework if they can interact directly with the instructor and other students and isolation can be a drawback for people considering online learning.

After graduating from a degree program, the individual who wants to become a network systems analyst will likely undergo at least a couple of years of on the job training. During this time, he or she will work under the supervision of an experienced network systems analyst who will monitor the employee's progress and provide valuable feedback about his or her performance.



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