What are the Different Account Executive Jobs?

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Account executive jobs can vary considerably in definition and scope depending on the industry. Generally speaking, account executives serve as a liaison between a client and the senior executives of the corporation with whom they are employed. This means that the role typically necessitates providing exceptional customer service, while protecting the interests of the corporation at the same time. In addition, a certain amount of salesmanship may also come into play. This is because some account executives are assigned individual clients to work with, while others are required to recruit and develop a client base on their own.

A good illustration of just how much account executive jobs can differ from each other is to compare them across various job markets. In the world of advertising, for instance, an account executive is actually pretty low on the totem pole, despite the fact that the term “executive” implies a higher rank. In fact, the word really translates to “executing” the menial tasks necessary to maintain an account, like placing ads or distributing flyers. This isn’t always the case, though. Some advertising account executives also participate in creating campaign strategies as well as implementing them.


In contrast, account executive jobs in the information technology industry are often considered senior management positions. Individuals in these jobs are typically charged with the task of monitoring and addressing profit and loss issues related to administering large, corporate contracts. Account executives working in this field also typically supervise various creative services and the distribution of media and collateral promotional materials. They may also serve as department heads and have several support staff members working under them, such as freelance writers, copy editors, and graphic artists.

Other industry segments in which account executive jobs exist include marketing and public relations. Again, the role of the account executive varies in these fields. He or she may be engaged in direct sales, product development, devising public image building campaigns or competitive pricing strategies. Others may be focused on placing newspaper and magazine advertisements, drafting direct mail campaigns, garnering product endorsements, or developing co-branded relationships across Internet portals and individual web sites.

Regardless of the specific industry, most account executives can expect to put in long hours, including some weekends and even holidays. In many cases, a certain degree of travel is required. Candidates are also expected to demonstrate excellent communication skills and advanced computer literacy. Since many account executives enjoy the benefit of maintaining a high profile in the company as well as in the field, the outlook for advancement opportunities is favorable.



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