How Do I Become a Senior Account Executive?

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The job of a senior account executive can be rewarding and although employees in that role have a great deal of responsibility, the position is often accompanied by generous compensation. In order to become a senior account executive, you have to first work as an account executive for two to five years. Senior account executives work in a variety of industries and possess diverse experience. The skills required to become a senior account executive include the ability to make sales, maintain customer satisfaction and client retention.

When you become a senior account executive, your job could be in just about any industry or business. The education and experience you possess will play a role in the type of businesses that will be most interested in hiring you. For example, if you have several years’ experience working as an advertising account executive, you will likely pursue senior account executive opportunities in that industry. In order to get hired to become a senior account executive, you will have to be able to demonstrate sales success in your prior positions. Overseeing sales and meeting sales projections will likely be part of your role and you will need effective sales methods that can be passed on to your staff.


Formal education is not always required to become a senior account executive but may be helpful. Many companies prefer to hire and promote individuals with a combination of experience and education. In some instances, if the employee has been with a company or has related experience, that experience can be used to replace educational requirements. The college level courses that would best prepare you to become a senior account executive are classes with a focus on business, advertising, marketing and communications.

Obtaining a graduate degree in business may give you a competitive edge you’ll need when seeking advancement opportunities. If you have a goal for further advancements after you become a senior account executive, you should strongly consider obtaining an advanced degree. A master-level degree program may take several years to complete but the experience and education you receive can prove to be an asset throughout your working career.

When you become a senior account executive you will likely have sales duties in addition to your management responsibilities. Your job may also require that you act as a mentor to junior account executives. It is common for senior account executives to receive commission in addition to standard salary or wage. There are some companies that offer generous bonuses and other incentives for meeting and exceeding sales goals.



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