What Are the Characteristics of a Healthy Immune System?

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A healthy immune system destroys dangerous organisms entering the body and fights infection from within. It gathers immunity over time so that the frequency of infection is reduced. Leukocytes are produced by a healthy immune system; these in turn create antibodies to fight infections and allergies. People with good immune systems often exhibit healthy characteristics such as having lots of energy and infrequent illnesses.

The immune system, made up of tissue, organs and cells within the body, works to fight infection whenever it occurs. When organisms, such as bacteria, a virus or a dangerous substance enter the body, the immune system responds by trying to eliminate the threat. A good immune system is well equipped and able to effectively fight off infection and disease.

Leukocytes are produced, circulated and stored by a healthy immune system. They are produced in two types; phagocytes which eliminate invader cells, and lymphocytes which keep a record of previous organism invasions and the blueprints for effectively destroying them. The immune system should produce leukocytes of sufficient numbers and quality to effectively fight infection.

The body, through its immune system, should be able to recognize organisms that have invaded the body in the past and be immune to them. A healthy immune system should prevent reoccurring infections, for example, by only contracting chickenpox once. As people age they should contract some viral infections less and less.


People with a healthy immune system do not suffer from frequent illnesses. If they do, it can be a sign that they are not producing enough IgA. This substance guards the entrances to the body and is present in saliva, fighting infection before it has a chance to enter the body.

Rarely suffering from illnesses such as mouth ulcers, fungal infections, benign lumps and allergic reactions, indicates that a person has a healthy immune system. People who continually feel tired or suffer from depression and insomnia, sometimes have weak immune systems. These are signs that the body cannot cope with the bombardment of infections presented by the environment. One infection is barely cleared before the next begins.

Eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise and rest are great ways to ensure good health. People who adopt this kind of lifestyle tend to exhibit the characteristics of a healthy immune system, like having plenty of energy, being content and infection free. Regular bowel movements, strong muscles, good concentration and quick comprehension are all characteristics of a healthy immune system.



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