What are the Bodybuilding Basics?

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Knowledge about the bodybuilding basics will allow a person to build muscle properly, while minimizing injury or crippling fatigue. Weight training exercises build muscle, while various other types of workouts prepare the body for this rigorous lifestyle. A protein-rich and carbohydrate-rich diet is an important facet in the bodybuilding basics as well. These foods, along with the use of supplements and plenty of hydration, will maximize muscle building when eaten in proper amounts and at the right times.

The entire purpose of bodybuilding is to increase muscle mass to its highest possible potential. In order to do so, weight must be gained, intense weight training must be performed, and other types of exercises must not be neglected. Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises allow a bodybuilder to cope with the extra weight and muscle which may otherwise be difficult to carry around. Additionally, such exercises help to burn fat, which is an essential part of the bodybuilding basics. Fat will not ever convert to muscle.

Weight-training exercises are the focal point of the bodybuilding basics. It is important to become familiar with proper weight use, by consulting experts, reading books, and watching videos. This will reduce the chances of injury. A weight trainer must constantly push him or herself in order to allow muscles to continue building, rather than allowing them to stagnate. Resistance training may also be performed, which is similar to weight training, but constricts movement through devices such as elastic bands.


Compound exercises are often performed prior to beginning a rigorous bodybuilding routine. These exercises focus on several muscle groups at a time to prepare the body for intense, focused exercises. Once the potential bodybuilder is ready to move on, isolated exercises may be performed to focus on one muscle at a time, or even one part of a muscle at a time.

Bodybuilding basics are not constricted simply to workout routines. A proper bodybuilding diet will ensure that muscle mass is built efficiently and that energy is used to maximize a workout. This type of diet is meant to result in weight gain, rather than weight loss as many diets are designed for.

Carbohydrates and protein are the most important foods in a bodybuilding diet. Protein from sources such as eggs, meat, milk, and various supplements allow the repair of muscles which are torn during a workout. Carbohydrates allow a bodybuilder to gain enough energy to conduct a rigorous workout, and additionally to maintain energy after a workout in order to avoid fatigue.

Aside from knowing what to eat, knowing when to eat is one of the bodybuilding basics. In general, a small meal prior to exercise is recommended. This meal, often preferred in liquid form, should be rich in carbohydrates and have a small amount of protein in order to jump-start muscles. After a workout, a more substantial meal high in protein should be consumed to maximize the results of the strenuous exercises. Eating small, frequent meals at other times during the day is also recommended in order to boost metabolism and allow the burning of fat.

Other dietary bodybuilding basics include the presence of supplements, such as Creatine, protein bars, protein shakes made with whey or soy protein, and multi-vitamins. Multi-vitamins are often consumed, as vitamins tend to be flushed out of the system of those practicing a high-protein diet. It is also recommended that such a diet consists of easily digestible foods, to maintain overall health and avoid fatigue from digestive tract discomfort. Keeping well-hydrated is also important before, during, and after workouts.



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